Advice and Articles

  • Why Should I Get a Check-Up Every Year?

    Most us wait until we are in too much discomfort to ignore (from sickness or injury) to actually call our doctor, make an appointment, or visit an urgent care facility. We are all guilty of avoiding ... READ MORE

  • How Your Eating Habits Influence Your Heart's Health

    We hate to admit it, but the foods we eat affect how well our body functions and how we feel. After a lunch full of carbohydrates and sugar, we can feel listless, tired, and easily distracted when we ... READ MORE

  • Understanding Your Parent’s Medicare Coverage

    As our parents age into Medicare and make choices about their health care coverage, they may appreciate our interest and even advice, but it helps if we know a little about their options, the enrollme ... READ MORE

  • Getting Through Shingles

    If you have had a friend or neighbor who has experienced the pain of shingles, you may be wondering what shingles are and if there’s anything you can do to minimize the disease if it hits closer to ho ... READ MORE