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  • Reverse Mortgages - A Smart Move for Seniors?

    Staying financially secure during retirement can be a challenge. Despite all the preparation and planning, life can be unpredictable.  Many retirees find that they are not as comfortable financially a ... READ MORE

  • Flu Season - Preventive Measures To Keep You Healthy

    During flu season, it can be a challenge to stay healthy. With so many people at work or school unintentionally sharing their germs with you throughout the day, it can seem impossible to avoid getting ... READ MORE

  • Finding The Best Place To Retire

    The definition of “retirement” has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Your parents or grandparents may have considered it an inevitable milestone, usually around the age of 65. The idea s ... READ MORE

  • Are you ready for Annual Enrollment Period?

    As summer is still going strong, the cooler temperatures and changing leaves of fall can seem pretty far off.  Time flies when you are having fun, though, and October will be here before you know it, ... READ MORE

  • Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

    No one thinks that identity theft will happen to them, but if it happens, it can have long-term consequences. Not only is it jarring to consider that someone has assumed your identity for their person ... READ MORE

  • Overview of Part A-D

    As you may know, Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 years of age or older, individuals with certain disabilities, and those diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease ( ... READ MORE

  • How Medicare Works

    If you are approaching eligibility for Medicare, you may be wondering when and how you may qualify, what you need to do to enroll, and what different health plans are available for you to choose from. ... READ MORE

  • Questions To Ask Before Enrolling

    Choosing Medicare health insurance is a big deal, and you deserve to feel comfortable with your decision, knowing that all of your concerns have been addressed and all your questions have been answere ... READ MORE

  • Understanding Your Parent’s Medicare Coverage

    As our parents age into Medicare and make choices about their health care coverage, they may appreciate our interest and even advice, but it helps if we know a little about their options, the enrollme ... READ MORE

  • Your Parents Are Turning 65 – The Conversation To Have About Medicare

    Parents spend their lives making the best decisions they can for their children. They agonize over every choice they make, from picking the right schools to cooking the healthiest foods. As those chil ... READ MORE

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