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Comparing Plans During AEP – What You Can Expect


You may have looked at your calendar with apprehension as October 15 neared, but there is more to Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP) than a complicated process of comparing health care coverage options.  Instead, the AEP can be viewed as an exciting opportunity that allows you to embrace your changing needs and preferences and find the health care coverage solutions that are right for you. The AEP is usually the only time of the year during which you can make changes to your current Medicare health care coverage, but there are more ways than ever to get the information you need, and, in some areas, more options for you to choose from.

An Exciting Time to Age-In To Medicare

If you are just aging-in to Medicare, you may be very interested in all of the media attention it has been getting during the past few months in light of the Annual Election Period, or Open Enrollment. Even though the AEP occurs every year giving Medicare beneficiaries the opportunity to make changes to their coverage, this year AEP started and ended earlier than ever before, adding to the excitement and importance of the advertising campaign.

Eligible for Medicare? Understanding When and How To Sign Up

Many people have misconceptions concerning Medicare eligibility, assuming it is only available to individuals with disabilities, or perhaps, only to those individuals over 65 years of age. Some people think they will only receive Medicare benefits if they have retired from working, while others believe it is provided solely for low-income individuals.

Staying Healthy To Enjoy Your “Medicare Years”

We have all heard that healthy living, including good nutrition and exercise, can help prevent illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer. While many of us listen to the fitness experts on television, or read magazines that inspire us to make healthy food choices, our daily focus on staying healthy can often get blurred by hectic schedules and busy lifestyles.